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May I request a male or female therapist?

Yes, when you call to schedule your appointment with one of our salon coordinators. Remember, all Essentials therapists are well-trained and sensitive to your comfort and modesty at all times.

How early should I arrive?

A minimum of 10 minutes is ideal for each visit. This will allow you time to change, relax, use the locker facilities, and consult with your service provider. Women and men may come in up to 30 minutes early and enjoy a shower prior to spa services.

Do I have to totally disrobe for my spa treatment?

It is up to you. Our therapists are trained to drape towels and sheets to maintain your privacy, however undergarments may be worn. A 2-piece bathing suit may be worn for spa-body treatments, but is isn’t needed and we cannot be responsible for stains and damage.

Should I wear makeup to the spa?

It isn’t necessary. Some services such as facials and makeup applications require that the makeup be removed. Keep in mind that many of our body therapies/treatments also include some facial treatments.

What do I do with my valuables?

Although Essentials provides a ladies and men's locker room to our spa day guests, we recommend that you avoid bringing your valuables.

Can I bring my child with me during my services?

We do not recommend children accompany you for any service, no matter how brief. This would be disrespectful to those guests who arranged for childcare and have come to relax. There are also safety issues including, products and chemicals, hot liquids and towels, sharp instruments and glass.


Do you accept American Express?

Yes, we do.


Can I put gratuity on a credit card?

Unfortunately, our system is not set up for gratuity on credit cards or gift cards.


Do your gift cards expire?

No, our gift cards do not expire. You can also use our gift cards at both our Valley Square and Doylestown locations.

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