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Our mission at Essentials is to create an environment where the beauty and wellness of our guests is “Essential”. Through continuing education, leadership and teamwork we strive to set standards, exceed expectations and create an environment that is healthy, relaxing and nurturing.

Your skin is unique and your skin care should be too.Your Skin Expert will provide a professional Skin Consultation to create your very own 90 day Skin Journey plan with customized facial treatments and home care. Your time is precious - Ultra Facial Treatments can be customized and combined with Booster Plus+ treatments to deliver outstanding results in additional targeted areas and to maximize your time.Relax and let our professional Skin Expert make a difference to your skin with inspired formulas, techniques and thoughtful care to create radiant, healthy and glowing skin. Ultra Performance Facial Treatments are recommended in a series of 3 initially, with a minimum of 2 weeks in between.Pre and post care will be recommended to support the benefits of the facial treatment. It is important to stop the use of all retinol ( Vitamin A ) products 48 hours prior to the Performance Facial Treatment. SPF protection should be worn daily. We recommend waiting for 72 hours following injectables before receiving a Facial Treatment.

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Signature Facial -- $70

Suitable for all skin types. This facial combines light exfoliation with facial massage and a customized mask. Perfect for a first time facial or those seeking relaxation. (30 minutes)

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Signature Facial Plus
-- $100

Suitable for all skin types. The Signature Facial Plus is the first step toward corrective treatments. A combination of light exfoliation, customized infusion of corrective serums, massage, and customized mask. This facial is for those seeking to relax while also addressing skin concerns. (45 minutes)


Signature Back Treatments -- $115

Suitable for all skin types. The Signature Back Treatment can be customized to address dryness, congestion and uneven skin. A combination of exfoliation, massage and a customized mask make this treatment both relaxing and corrective. (30 minutes)


Performance Facial -- $115 - $170

The Performance Facial utilize cosmeceutical grade ingredients to deliver real visible results. Each treatment starts with a consultation with an Ultraceuticals Skin Specialist to design a customized treatment. Each treatment is a combination of a peel for deeper exfoliation combined with customized corrective serums to address specific skin concerns, massage and a customized mask. These treatments are both relaxing and corrective. Every client receives customized homecare recommendations to enhance and maintain treatment results. (45 minutes)


Performance Facial with Mandelic Peel -- $130

Appropriate for oily, congested, problematic skin types. (45 minutes)


Performance Facial with Lactic Peel -- $115

Appropriate for normal, dry, dull skin types, and those lacking in firmness or with signs of aging. (45 minutes)


Performance Facial combining peel with Brightening Accelerator Mask (BAM) -- $155

Customized with Mandelic or Lactic peel to address specific skin concerns and the BAM to improve radiance and luminosity


Performance Facial with A-zyme Peel -- $170

The ultimate treatment for overall skin rejuvenation. The A-zyme is a powerhouse that addresses all skin concerns *Not for use on those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant

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